Frequently Asked Questions

(This information is related to the November 2019 grant cycle only)

 What information should the concept letter contain?

The Concept Letter should include a brief description of the project you wish to have funded, who will benefit, and why your organization is uniquely positioned to implement the program.  Other information about the target population, your staff, community partnerships, or the history of the organization is welcome, but there is a limit of 1,200 words -- so be clear and concise.

Should a Concept Letter be submitted in hard copy?

No. Please only submit the Concept Letter online through this website. Please do not send the Concept Letter by email or include any supporting documentation.

After submitting the Concept Letter, how long before I will know if the Foundation would like to receive a full application from my organization?

The timeframe depends on numerous factors including how soon we receive your letter before our grant deadline. Typically, you should hear from us within 30 days or less of the date we receive your submittal.

May I submit additional information not requested on the full grant application?

We strongly encourage applicants to be certain they have provided all of the requested information prior to considering submitting supplemental information. Judicious examples of supplemental information include plans, drawings, photos or other materials that clearly illustrate what you hope to accomplish. If you think supplemental information is critical to understanding your request, contact Joann Christian at for instructions.  

If I receive a grant, will I be required to provide regular updates to the Foundation?

Yes. The dates of the progress reports will be spelled out in your grant agreement. The grant agreement will also include specific metrics that should be a part of every report. Additionally, the Foundation reserves the right to evaluate your program utilizing our in-house Director of Research and Evaluation or a third-party evaluator paid for by the Foundation.

How should progress reports be submitted?

Progress reports should be submitted online through this website just like the concept letter and application. Reports will be submitted under the "Requirements" tab. You will not be able to see or access the requirements tab until it is time to submit a report. To submit the report, log-in with the same username and password you created to submit your Concept Letter. Progress reports will not be accepted in hard copy or by email.